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  Cash Flow Forecasting


We build for each client a bespoke Cash Flow Model that identifies, separates and combines all of your future income sources to build a complete picture of your financial future. The forecast is based on mutually agreed assumptions and is usually a 'light bulb' moment for our clients when they graphically see and understand their likely future and feel more empowered to make the right decisions about what to do with their finances to help them achieve their objectives. 

The Cash Flow Model will include future events such as downsizing, selling businesses, funding school fees, buying a yacht etc and allows us to have informed conversations with our clients such as:

  • We need to generate additional resources
  • You have sufficient resources to enable you to retire 3 years early
  • You are on track to achieve your goals so is capital preservation more important for you
  • You can afford to book 5 star holidays instead of 3 star
  • You can afford to gift capital to help your family without impacting your own financial wellbeing

By defining your long-term goals you can answer the question, "how much is enough?"
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We will also discuss the implications for your family of major life events such as death or disability and include these events within your Financial Plan.



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